My About Page So Far

Thanks for the great class, Charlotte!  I've found it extremely useful when writing an About page for my new website that I'm just in the process of setting up.

My About page doesn't have images yet as I'm still finalising the look of my website so I haven't chosen them yet.  I thought I'd post what I have written, though, to see if I am on the right path!  I'd really appreciate any feedback.

Here it is:

I’m Anna, the person behind In the Wild?

What is In the Wild?

In the Wild is a creative studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland, specialising in surface pattern design and interior design.  I also write but I have another website for that (link to site).

Why are you called In the Wild?

Nature is a huge inspiration to me.  In all of my creative work, nature is my main influence because I know the powerful and positive impact it can have on human wellbeing.  Given the part that nature and all things wild play in my designs, it seemed only appropriate to name my studio ‘In the Wild’.

 In my work I aim to create something beautiful, simple and fun.  The nature element could come in such ways as through the use of animal or wildlife motifs in a pattern, adding a botanical wallpaper to a client’s living room or using pot plants to create a cleansing and relaxed atmosphere in a bedroom.  Whatever the project, you will generally always find that there is some kind of nature influence behind the final design, even if it is not at first apparent!

Who are you?

I started out as a stationery designer, running my own company until I decided to take time out to be a full-time mum.

When my daughter started school I set up a new business, this time as a professional dog walker, which is really when my love for nature turned into more of an obsession.

I would often spot amazing patterns while I chased around after the dogs, or notice beautiful flowers by the side of the path, or interesting shapes made by plots and sheds on an allotment.  I found it difficult to switch off my brain, it was so full of ideas for creative projects!

That’s when I decided to get back to doing what I love most – design.  I took Make It In Design’s renowned, ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ course, as well as a number of online surface pattern design classes and workshops via websites such as Skillshare.

I also took a Diploma in Interior Design through the British College of Interior Design.  I find that surface pattern design and interior design complement each other brilliantly.

I am now loving every minute of being a full-time designer once more, building up a list of highly valued clients and adding to my ever-expanding portfolio of projects. 

How can I work with In the Wild?

There’s not much I enjoy more than discussing a potential project with a client and then turning it into a fabulous surface pattern or interior so I would be very happy to discuss commissions or licensing.  Please click here to get in touch.

You can also connect with me on Instagram (add link).


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