My 6-10 Images

Based on my mood board I planned a shoot a few days ago trying to capture the look and feel of my photography. If you have not seen my mood board, check it out.

So my subject that I used was somone I knew from talking to her at her job about various things like music and fashion. She recently started her own clothing line and had these cool beanies that she put her own touch on them. I told her about this amazing class I was taking and she said she would love to be apart of it. Going in the shoot I knew I wanted to capture her in her own clothing that she preferred and would normally wear. We had limited time to coordinate this and I seen a nice spot under a freeway that provided the perfect lighting for the photos I wanted to take. Since it was her first time being behind the camera she was a little unsure on what to do so I tried taking shots from a distance. I wish I would have seen the post about the pscychology of shooting first I would have tried some techniques Jonathan explained to make the subject more relaxed but towards the end she was into the shoot and took her coat off as well.


===MOOD BOARD+++++++++++++++

These are a few photos and photographers that inspire me and the mood of my images.

Photographer Duane Michals. I like the sequence of photos that tell a story and it is  very straight forward. I like to capture a bunch of images to tell a brief story and placing them together can tell a story much like a comic strip.

Photographer Bill Owens: His photo book on Suburbia is what I like to capture in most of my images honest and straight forward photos of real people. 

Photographer Leann Mueller: Her work inspires me to come closer to my subject, which is something I need to work on. Most subject dont like to be up close and personal but you can capture a lot of emotion if you come closer. 

Photographer Estevan Oriol: What more can I say. I like the simplicity of his photos nothing over the top with lighting and location, this is also something I like to strive for.

Photographer Platon: Also very simple with lighting and focus is just on the subject. 

Photographer Ralph John Perou:  This is what I want to achieve in studio lighting,closer to the subject but the lighting is what I am going for.

Photographer: Tavano Vincent : Natural lighting and great subject and framing, a great inspiration.

Photographer :Jonathan Mannion Last but not least hands down one of my favorite Mannion photos. I would love to purchase this Photo. The location, the minister, the angle and the meaning. Just an all around great shot. The wide shot of this in the album jacket was also great


My baby girl


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