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My 5 year-old version!

Hi everybody!

I hope you had time to go through all the classes already and that you've been inspired to make your own notebook.

I would be delighted to see some of your projects in this gallery. And of course, any feedback will be appreciated!

Today, I thought I could show you my son's version of this notebook, so you will even feel more motivated to start your own, without looking for perfection. Sometimes, it is just this that holds us back, isn't it?

My son made the structure with the same blank cards I used, but glued his papers with a stick glue (like UHU or the one we use at school), and he didn't sew the pages but stapled them.

We then added a piece of string in the middle of the notebook and tie a knot, only to be able to add the beads (he really wanted to have some!).

I think he might have completed his notebook in 15 minutes, and he enjoyed it very much!

And of course, the fun part was to print some pictures and starting decorating it!

If you have kids, you can totally make this activity a fun DIY for your summer holidays. I am sure all the family will enjoy it.

Thanks for taking this class, I can't wait to seeing your projects!





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