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My 5 and 10 year goals

I shared these in a blog post and got some positive feedback from my readers.
My "One Little Word" (a project by Ali Edwards at AliEdwards.com) for 2012 is FOCUS, and I feel this project helped me focus on my long term plans instead of spending so much time looking at my 'right now' tasks. My One Little Word for 2013 is BRAVE, and I know it will help push me forward toward these goals.
At 31
By 2017 – HOME – I pay off a new car for our adventures
By 2017 – HOME – Alex and I visit 4 new-to-us National Parks
By 2017 – CAREER – I am working within the outdoor industry in some capacity
By 2017 – CAREER – I invest in a 200 hour teacher program for yoga
By 2017 – HEALTH – I logged 100k in fun races (Starting October 2012)
By 2017 – HEALTH – I attended a yoga retreat and connected with other yogis
By 2017 – HEALTH – I climb V6 routes with ease
By 2017 – HEALTH – I learned how to lead climb
At 36
By 2022 – HOME – I paid off my student loans and credit card debt
By 2022 – HOME – I am working toward paying off the basecamp we moved into for between adventures
By 2022 – HOME – Alex and I visited a total of 20 National Parks
By 2022 – HOME – I send my parents on a trip of their choosing
By 2022 – HEALTH – I celebrated 5 summer solstices with 108 sun salutations
By 2022 – HEALTH – I took 2 climbing trips with an all female group
By 2022 – CAREER – My work is done outside the office, allowing for travel
By 2022 – CAREER – Teach yoga part time at a small studio


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