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My 3 ideas

Hi there! I enrolled for this class a long time ago but didn't have the guts to attempt anything. After I saw some of the projects submitted here, I think I have a huge complex as well and I really hope I get ahead of myself and learn how to make good storyboards! 

So here's the first step: My 3 ideas.

1. Birthday Karaoke
On my 21st birthday, I took my friends out to a new restaurant by the river called Terry's. To my horror, they had karaoke there. I have always loved singing, but I've had stagefright since school. My friends ebbed me on to choose a song from the menu and sing it. I made a deal; they would have to sing it with me. One of the few songs we all knew was GreenDays 'basketcase'. As the song started, we were very confident (especially since my friend Darren is a singer and musician) but during the second verse, the lyrics contained words like shrink, whore and sex! 3 out of 4 of us only mouthed the song, leaving darren to save our butts. Our friend Supri who was shooting all of this on camera froze, and later laughed her ass off as she watched us embarrass ourselves. When we got back to the table we were cursing each other and quickly ordered food to cover up.

2. "Oh I don't feel any pain"
I always seem to hurt myself wherever I go. I have bruises all over my body which I notice only when I have a shower. My mom often gets worried for me, and asks if I'm alright. I reply saying, "Oh I don't feel any pain ever. I don't have 'pain nerves'." Until one day, I had to take a blood test.

3. "I don't sing in the shower, I perform"
A display of how I enter the bathroom like it were a stage.

I have no idea which one to start with. I like all 3 and they're completely different from each other. The first would be the most difficult and longest to board, so I think I should for #2 or #3. What do you guys think? 

I hope there's someone still active here!


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