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My 3 ideas : Alice, The Dinosaurs Exhibition, The Quarrel

So here are my 3 ideas .

I explain my choice about the story I d like to work on at the end but I m still not sure  . So feel free to give me your opinion !

1 )Alice

I was something like 5 year old I guess .
Alice was a good friend, and I secretly loved her too .
We were In class having a multiplication test one day . The teacher was a black woman, hard with students, still she was very kind deep inside .

My friend Alice didn' t know her multiplication tables . So she asked me discretly . I knew It was wrong to tell her, especially as a kid, cheating is bad) . But I guess she was the only person in the world I couldn' t say no to anything . So I told her the answers .
Then the teacher found out and believed It was me who actually needed the answers . She shouted at me and It was very painful for me . But I just couldn' t say It was Alice' s fault . So I kept my mouth shut .
Anyway, the teacher discovered the truth (I guess she just had to read in our eyes to understand) . So she yelled at Alice, making her cry . But the teacher was mercyless and Alice was punished .

Now I m really not sure the next part is connected to this story . It may be a totally different moment from that period . I don' t remember well . But I thought It could be a good ending .

We were both punished and had to stay alone in the schoolyard . I didn' t know how to comfort her . I ve never been good for that .
I don' t remember how we came to watch the sky . Probably we had nothing else to do in this empty schoolyard .

So we began to think about that sky . Why the soft clouds were all moving straight in one direction ? Perhaps the clouds were still and It was the ground we were on, which was moving . It was like a revelation .
Now I know It may seems stupid . Every kid discover something one day and think he' s the first to understand It . It' s common . Plus we were wrong, the clouds aren't still .
But that doesn' t matter . This time, we thought It was en amazing discovery . And it was ours . We decided It would be our secret . We would always have this for us, no matter how many times we would be punished .

Here is the the paradigm for Alice :

2) The Dinosaurs Exhibition :

I was very young and dad took me out to see an exhibition with dinosaurs reconstructed and animated as realistic as possible .
It was so realistic that I began to cry . Because I was scared . But my father had spent so much money for this exhibition he wanted to see It all .
Finally my father gave up, because of all the people around there who were seeing me crying and telling my dad he was a heartless tyrant .
But when I saw how disappointed my father was, I decided to face the dinosaurs  and keep seeing the exhibition .

Well, I arranged the story to have an epiphany and an ending, but the truth is we did gave up because I was too scared .

3) The quarrel :

I invented a lot of stuff about that story, so that It could have a direction and an ending .
I would like It to be shown in a fun , second degree vision .

Recently, I was eating with my mom . Dad was downstair, a bit drunk, and we started to eat without him .
I brang the sketchbook along with me . I had to work on a project and I wanted to write down stuff on it while eating . But I finally chose the lazy alternative : watching TV .

Mom asked me If the food was ok . And I had to be honest, It was quite an unusual mix and not really awesome . I think she admited It .

Then Dad joined us . I have a sixth sense to know when dad drank . And, usually I try to keep myself as distant as possible . Because It easily turn to quarrels. So I started pretending to work, noting stuff in my sketchbook .

At a moment, my dad must have shown a disgusted expression, because my mom asked him If the food was bad . And the quarrel began quickly .
My father was a bit insolent, still he didn t want to mess up . And my mother ... well, my mother can be really resentful .

Then my parents asked me what was my opinion about It . So I pretended to work, noting stuff in my sketchbook, and saying I m too busy to answer . The truth, was far more worse . I was writting down the discussion my parents had, and trying to get some story material from It .

Once I ate everything, I quickly left the table, and ran to my computer . I finally found a story for the Skillshare storyboarding project !
I was about to post the idea when I heard my parents behing my back, telling me I forget the sketchbook . They found out what I have been writting down during the dinner .

My choice :

I hesitated a lot between these 3 ideas .
So I tried to follow the guide and chose the most gutsy one .

I don' t remember well about the dinosaurs story, so I don' t feel It particularly gutsy, though I believe It could have been a really fun story to tell . And very simple .

I really enjoyed developing the story for « the quarrel » . It made me laugh . Still I m note sure It' s really what moves me the most . It' s second degree . It' s only a maneer to laugh about me and my family . Plus, I arranged a lot of stuff to make this story interesting .

The story with Alice seems simple and moving enough for me . So I think I ll chose this one .

But I m still hesitating a bit, so please tell me If you have a preference between these ideas :)


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