My 3 Marketing tips

I have an instagram account that is mostly personal, although it is public. I occasionally post pics of my products and 'behind the scenes'. 

The three tips I will implement are...

1. use more hashtags

2. use more emoticons: I use my smart phone primarily for instagram. I use the Swiftkey keyboard and found that they have another keyboard with emoticon predictions called Swiftmoji. It always took too long to scroll through all the emoticons so this app is perfect! Saves me a lot of time!

3. I will definitely be telling a story behind the pics.

I did a test post after watching this class on my smartphone while I was in the orthodontist waiting room as my daughter was getting braces. Afterwards, her teeth were sore and she asked to stop by Starbucks to get a frappucino. Coincidentally that was one of your instagram examples. I posted the pic of us enjoying this treat and got a ton of likes by using the tips I just learned. Although I didn't post a pic of my products, it was a test post and it worked!

Thanks again for a great class!


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