My 24h dopamine detox

My 24h dopamine detox - student project

Here is how my 24h dopamine detox went. I woke up at around 11am-12pm because I couldn't fall asleep to 3am (probably because of scrolling thru my phone to a midnight). So after waking up at 11am I took a shower ate healthy breakfast drank coffee and saw a sunny weather so I got out to get some vitamine D. After 1-2h went back home and started to read my school reading(from which I had a test today). I helped my dad moving some things to a neighbour and then went back to reading my book and looking at a wall and just let my mind think. The rules I broke was using my phone(I used it for 30minutes instead of 5hours like the day before) and getting 10 puffs from a cigarette(Idk why lol I smoked like 20 times in my whole life, after that I was thinking why I did this) I don't think I did a lot of work that day but I spend a lot of time on a fresh air, and listened to my thoughts and most of the time I've just felt relaxed and that nothing was on my mind and that it was cleared out of mess. Thank you Hamza for inspiring me to do this 24h challenge I will definitely continue my dopamine detox and try to make it my lifestyle.