My 2013 Goals

Hi everyone!

My name is Angela.  I have been working out, "goal-less"ly (not a real word, know) since high school.  I've never been much good at any sports and am not very coordinated at all, but I am super-competitive (so Fitocracy was an awesome discovery for me).  I have been taking various fitness classes and lifting weights on and off through the years and my body fat has bounced around accordingly.

I am one of the few lucky women that actually lost extra weight after pregnancy making my post-pregnancy weight about 30 pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Since that time, about three years ago, I have gained back about half of the pounds but thankfully most of it has been muscle since I have been concentrating on weightlifting.  Unfortunately, I am also one of the unlucky women whose skin stretched out with pregnancy and so I am unlikely to ever have visible abs again no matter how hard I work, thanks to excess skin in that area.

These are my goals for 2013:

1. Decrease body fat to under 20% (currently at 20.5-21%)

2. Not be concerned with the scale because I really should know by now that it is not an accurate reflection of health

3. Learn about nutrition and apply this knowledge to my body to help me achieve goals #1-2

4. Accept the limitations of my own body, particularly things I cannot change, like loose skin


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