My 2 Short film pitches (will try to make a third if it comes to me.)

1. Stranded on a baren and rocky Dwarf planet since his ship crashed, an interstellar Cartographer named Seth has to survive on his own-fending off the deadly wildlife and feeding off what ever is edible of the remaining carcasses left behind. But, after ages of trying to get a signal from his transmitter, Seth finally picks up on a oxygen mining team who's vessel can pass through the cosmic radiation that's really keeping him there along with a young prodigy who's field trip was cut short when the ship her class was blasted from space. Now this tenuous duo must find a way to work together to get themselves off this giant rock. Will they be swallowed by treachery?


2.  When Jason, a former tool of the mob finds himself targeted by his former employer, things take a turn for dangerous. His girlfriends has been threaten along with himself. But, he has a comman acquaintance in someone of less constraint the criminal underworld. Prometheus they call him. Said to be a blazing territorial predator of the information age. From a smartphone or computer anything is possible no matter how obscure or volatile the deed or object of request. But, he wants out. A life of crime can only be so fulfilling for so long and it maybe time to disappear. Jason wouldn't disagree at this point. But, they'll have to do more then cover they're tracks if they want to cut loose for good.




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