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My 2 Blogs

Hi Guys, I have 2 blogs that I write:

1 is a personal blog that I updated yesterday (changed the header, blog name and idea behind it - after taking this class) its under a process at the moment but check it out: I was already writing about my life, but I hadn't really felt the confidence to speak what I really wanted and felt, and hadn't really figured out the reason why I wanted to share. Now I have a focus and I will be writing the blog with my sister who lives in China. What I really want to achieve is a Lifeshare Project where everyone is welcome to contribute and I will be telling stories about other people I meet.

I am using a wordpress template, so nothing fancy and I made the header myself yesterday using Picassa. If anyone wants tips, I can tell you, it's very easy =)

My second blog is called Alice in Carnaval I am a Brazilian based in London and I love fashion! The reason why we created the blog is to create a BRAND for our business before even starting it. Our idea is to become ambassadors to Brazilian fashion brands in the UK and Europe by writing about them in our blog. Once we have built an audience of women in the UK and Brazil that love fashion, we would like to use our blog as a PR platform for the brands that agree to work with us. In the long-term, we would like to have an e-commerce business through the blog. 

The banner and logo are being designed so at the moment our blog lacks a bit of "character". We have been live for 2 weeks and have posted every day! We know that we will probably need to hire a webdesigner for a more advanced and personal look to the brand, but we are testing the waters before investing. 

Thanks for all the feedback and time take to read this post xxx


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