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My 1st Procreate Brushes & Stamps!

Woohoo!!! I am sooooo excited to be making my own Procreate Brushes!!! :-D

I started by making my own company logo and word mark stamps for my brand Octopus Connection. I increased the spacing and enlarged it, but otherwise left all else alone so it would be a clean stamp look. These stamps will allow me to be able to watermark all of my future art work in the exact colors that I want, without having to use an app!  A major time saver for me!!!





Then I made a brush using the below image as the shape source, and added some texture for the grain source from the Source Library. I enlarged it a bit and played with the taper. I’m super happy with the way it turned out and was able to create some fun abstract art with it. In some cases it looks like a giraffe print which I didn’t expect! 


Here are some examples of the brush in use. 





I really liked it so I painted an abstract piece in different colors, adding my new logo mark stamp as a watermark.  


Nic, thank you so much for the class!! It was useful to me in more ways than I imagined, and I already have some new ideas I want to explore for the future  :-D





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