My 1760 We Are Knitters Sweater

My 1760 We Are Knitters Sweater - student project

Hey Lovelies! I knit my own 1760 WAK sweater by individually creating the front, back, collar and sleeves of the sweater. (tip: this sweater is made in pieces and stitched together, it is not made top down). 

To make this sweater:

I cast on 36 stitches, working the bottom of the sweater in ribbed stitch and knitting in garter stitch for the the front and back of the sweater. 

For the sleeves, I also knitted in ribbed and garter stitch. Then I began to make the collar framework and to complete it, picked up stitches to work up its beautiful ribbing. 

I then stitched the front and back together as well as attached the sleeves to the sweater's body. 

This was all made with the We Are Knitters 1760 kit which they are giving away on their blog until 01.13.17

This is definitely an easy and cozy weekend project and I can't wait to see how your sweaters turn out!





My 1760 We Are Knitters Sweater - image 1 - student project