My 14 day challenge

My 14 day challenge - student project


I must admit this challenge gave me more struggles than what I was expecting. I wanted to quit more than once, but I realized I was learning a lot about my drawing abilities and areas of improvement. I realized that I was holding the expectation that by doing this challenge, I would somehow draw better. Once I realized that, my experience changed. Yeah, mindset guys!. My disappointment for creating sketches that look worse than what I usually do, transformed to curiosity. I got curious about so many things!

- what tool works best for me when fast sketching?

- Are there certain shapes I'm more comfortable sketching? which ones I need to practice more?

- Can I use this tool in different ways?

- How can I achieve texture/ shadow/depth, etc. in a short time?

- How thick and thin lines affect my work?

- Does it get easier the more I sketch the same object?

The list goes on.


Another thing that made me struggle a lot, was that I was too aware of my time limit. I couldn't focus on my object because I was panicking about "o crap! time is running!". It made it 0 enjoyable for me. I had two options: quit or find a way to control my anxiety. My solution: play music that is roughly same length: 3:05 and 2:59 songs for example. I chose songs I know and love, so I was somehow aware of how much time was left, based on the part of the song that was playing. It changed everything for me, instead of dreading the next 6 minutes and feeling like the kid who couldn't finish writing down all the answers before the bell rang, I was happily sketching letting the tune guide my pen.


Here you can see how my plan started, then I changed it to longer time because it was driving me nuts to have so short amount of time. I realized that I needed to adapt things to make them comfortable for myself, and that it was okay to do so. No need to put more restrains that add up to frustration (sometimes, we do things way harder for ourselves). 

I didn't set a time as in the class, even if I had thought about sketching first thing in the morning, because I knew that with my health issues, I can't make those kind of promises. If I make the commitment and fail, it bothers me. Similar to people who miss one day of a challenge and give up completely because "the chain is broken".  Instead, I just committed to daily practice, preferably morning but if life happens, you still have another 10 min window during the day to do it, no biggie.

My 14 day challenge - image 1 - student project

After the 3rd day, I forgot about filling this sheet and felt so much more comfortable having one less task to complete. I also changed the item and medium used for the last days and I loved it. Using watercolors was a treat for me.


Alright, now to the wall of sketches!!!

My 14 day challenge - image 2 - student project

Sorry for crappy light, best place I could find for them.

I'm really glad I didn't give up! I had many moment of frustration and rage quitting, but also I wanted to prove myself that I could go through it. I was able to be comfortable with my imperfection and to focus my attention towards a more positive and enriching perspective.

Here are my scanned sketches, not the best quality, but have no idea how much Skillshare can handle on a single project ;)

Oh! I adapted for my daily analysis a "good, better, best" section. It comes from a book about Stoicism that I'm currently reading. Good: something I did good, Better: Something I could have done better, Best: what can I do to achieve the best version of me (in this case, art related improvement). First day was a sloppy start and you can see how it improved with time:


My 14 day challenge - image 3 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 4 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 5 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 6 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 7 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 8 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 9 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 10 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 11 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 12 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 13 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 14 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 15 - student project

My 14 day challenge - image 16 - student project


As the days passed, it took me less time to complete my sketches and I found my levels of enjoyment, confidence and progress (which were puzzling to measure for me) increased throughout the challenge. Once again, I'm happy I took this challenge, painful but rewarding :) I'm still in challenge mode, as I started this year with 365 days challenge. Even if these 14 days  are over, I'll keep working on my mindset.

Thank you Ohn Mar!

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