My 14 day challenge

My 14 day challenge - student project

Day 14!!! Last day! I saved the most complex object for last. I decided in order not to feel rushed on this final day with this particular object I would allow myself as much time as needed in each drawing, keeping in mind that I would still be working on speed. I kept my timer going off every 3 minutes so as not to get too absorbed into the details. The first of my three drawings was with a .08 micron pen. I am quite happy with this drawing I felt like my lines were brave and decisive and that proportionally I did pretty well too. I took 12 minutes for this drawing. My second drawing is where I REALLY had fun. I have realized with this challenge that I am very comfortable drawing with watercolor pencils. Most of the drawing that I have done in my past always started with pencil, and so the feel of the pencil is natural to me. I have never been a fan of shading in with pencil though because I feel like it it tedious and boring. So to be able to do all the shading so quickly with a brush is great. I took 21 minutes on this as adding value still takes a bit more time than a simple line drawing. Finally on my last drawing I used the brush pen as that was one of my major goals in this challenge was to really see how comfortable I could get with the brush pen. I like that it forces me to be loose, however I still feel that for some reason my proportions suffer a bit. I am sure that with practice that will change. I took nine minutes with this drawing. My 14 day challenge - image 1 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 2 - student projectI was nervous about today because I was doing another bottle and yesterdays bottle was difficult. However, perhaps it was my state of mind, or the fact that I just bought a few new art supplies yesterday to try out, but I had a lot of fun with this. I even had enough time to draw two bottles in each six minutes! I enjoyed my new Paynes grey inktense watercolor pencil as I knew I would. The Tombow pen was the most challenging. I really felt confident with the brush pen today with made me really happy. The world is in chaos today but my art practice keeps me centered. I am grateful. My 14 day challenge - image 3 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 4 - student projectWhen I draw with pen, especially when it is a geometric item it really works against the way I typically sketch. With a pencil I very quickly lightly sketch out the shapes and then go into the detail. With a pen I don't want sketch lines in pen distracting from the final lines and so I try to go into the drawing before having the shapes down and the proportions end up being all off. My first attempt with the Tombow was so off that had I continued with the original lines (that you can still see) the top of the bottle would have been about three inches left of where the bottom of the bottle was. I am most happy with the watercolor pencil, because I could work in my usual fashion as the initial sketched lines just get blended into the drawing as I apply the water. However, as you can see even though I was able to get the proportions better on this drawing there wasn't anything I could do to keep it on the page once I had started drawing. (Unless I would have used an eraser and started over once I had seen that it was going off the page.) In an effort to keep the decanter on the page in my third drawing I intentionally started with drawing the top bit smaller, but then somehow the bottom still wanted to be large. So as you can see while I met my goal of keeping it on the page the proportions are off. The top bit should have been much larger. So yeah, I guess what I take from todays drawing is that I really need to work on my page placement as I start to draw, and I need to figure out a different way of starting a drawing when working with pen. I am not really good at envisioning the lines before I make them. Perhaps it will come with practice. My 14 day challenge - image 5 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 6 - student projectAnother cute succulent from Trader Joes. I wonder where these guys grow in nature. I also wonder what kind this is. Wish they would provide me with a name. So Mr. No Name here made my eyes vibrate a bit... all those little white stripes... they are three dimensional. It was hard to focus on... literally, but I was also trying to draw with new glasses on.... reading glasses... it helps me to see my drawing but then when I look up at my subject it's all blurry. Sigh... getting old is fun. I digress... so back to the drawings. I had fun as usual with my watercolor crayon. I picked purple today since I hadn't used that one yet in this exercise. I feel like those were successful, then I moved on to a .08 micron. I feel like those lines were deliberate and well placed for the most part. I did run out of time for my second drawing as I was taking a lot of time on the little stripes. Then we come to the brush pen. I want so desperately to be good at and like the brush pen. However, when using it I always feel awkward, I think I like to feel a pressure between my drawing implement and the paper. You need a very sensitive hand with the brush pen. I will will keep practicing with it. I just feel like my brush pen drawings are a bit heavy handed and I didn't observe each leaf because I was focused on watching the brush on the paper (since I can't feel it). 

My 14 day challenge - image 7 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 8 - student projectI don't know if it was that the object was larger than most of the objects that I have drawn so far or what, but it seemed hard to fit it on the page. I'm going to use that as an excuse to explain why I feel that my dimensions are all off. I feel like I need a good old refresher on perspective drawing also. Does anyone have any favorite books on that or skill share classes? Of the three drawings I feel that the last one was the least successful as I couldn't even get the long narrow box shape right. But I felt like I was running out of room on the page for the strap so I sacrificed the shape so I could try to fit in the kinky old leather strap. When I draw, placement and size on a page is really tough for me. I am so used to working on the computer  where you can just easily resize and move things. This is a skill that needs dusting off! My most successful drawing is either the first or second. I was enjoying myself with the first drawing until I realized that I hadn't left enough room for the strap. I decided early on that there would not be any erasing so despite the fact that I was working with an ebony pencil I just tried to squeeze the strap in rather than erase. Who has time to erase with just six minutes. :) The second and most contrasty drawing is a black watercolor crayon. I think this is my favorite drawing due to the contrast. The perspective is all wonky because again I was trying to draw it as large as possible yet fit it on the page. It should have been way more horizontal. It was laying horizontal on the desk in front of me. So just imagine that the page is turned diagonally and then the perspective is correct. :D In hindsightit might have helped to have turned my page horizontal for this subject matter! Oh well. My 14 day challenge - image 9 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 10 - student projectI knew that I would want a pink watercolor crayon for this little guy. Again I enjoyed sketching with the watercolor crayon it forces me to be loose because I can't go into great detail with a blunt crayon tip. Then I get to go over it with the watercolor brush and add a bit of shadow. My most successful drawing in this set is the first of the two brush pen drawings. I am happiest with the shapes and proportions in that drawing. Looking back at my other brush pen drawings I feel like I am getting tighter with the brush pen, I am not sure I like that. I have a funny pencil that has four different colors in the tip, I bought it at a museum gift shop. It is a bit light compared to the other drawings, it isn't made for "real" drawing. That's why I picked it. To remind myself I can draw with anything and not to take these sketches too seriously. 

My 14 day challenge - image 11 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 12 - student project I woke up not feeling the greatest, bit of a headache etc... and completely forgot about drawing which I was supposed to do straight away after breakfast. So its 3pm and I am just getting to my drawings, but I had fun. Maybe if I draw in the afternoon I am more relaxed and likely to have fun, or perhaps I just liked the subject matter a bit more. I can't say that I love my drawings... I really need to work on the shape of the leaves more. So I guess the outcome doesn't really correlate to how much I enjoy the process. I think my first drawing was my favorite, so perhaps I should not have rated my progress so high. Oh well. I had the most fun with the second drawing, mainly because it was a watercolor crayon and I have so much fun with the water brush after. I felt that on my third drawing that I was able to control the brush pen a bit better than I have in previous drawings. This might all be chalked up to the fact that besides the first page I decided to slow down and just do one drawing per 6 minutes. I was just enjoying the form of the plant too much to want to rush. My 14 day challenge - image 13 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 14 - student projectThe six minute time limit on these drawings really made me feel rushed. I don't feel like I was getting lost in the details, but that my perspective was suffering due to the limit. In retrospect, I think perhaps I should have slowed down and only tried to get one drawing in of each of these, but then again I remind myself that this is an exercise meant to push my comfort level and that it was very successful in that respect. My most successful page was my second page with the micron pen. My three minute timer went off before I was done with the first camera and I just reset it and kept going, thus I ran out of time when it came to trying to draw a second one. My attempt at a second one is a sad little mess too due to the fact that I was just rushing hoping to at least complete the body, but I quite like the first one. The perspective on my brush pen drawings are wonky, but I do like my line quality. I started with the watercolor crayon because I think it is fun. I completed the drawings within 6 minutes but allowed myself an extra minute to apply the water at the end. I feel like that part is not essential to the drawing, but just for me for fun. 

My 14 day challenge - image 15 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 16 - student projectWow, I had a feeling the shape of these would give me some challenges. I was right. The upside is that it was fun drawing in the designs on the side. I think my most successful drawings are the ones that I did in the watercolor pencil. I think the slight shading I did helped me to define the shape a bit better than a pen. 

My 14 day challenge - image 17 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 18 - student project

I was excited this morning when I looked at my list and it told me "succulent" I had found this little guy at Trader Joes a few weeks ago. I have no idea what it is, but fell in love with the tiny leaves as soon as I saw it. Today I got to appreciate each leaf as I worked through it's organic beauty. I am also beginning to realize that I don't love to draw cylindrical shapes such as pots. In any case these little drawings were a wonderful way to start my day today. I needed to let go of some anger do to something that happened to me yesterday and art has this wonderful way of erasing these negative emotions. I can't concentrate on anger and art at the same time and art always wins. I was also happy with my progress, I didn't finish my first three minute drawing in the last set with the brush pen because I was beginning finally to feel a bit more at ease with the brush pen and I was relaxing and taking my time. I had decided that I wanted two drawings for each 6 minutes so when the three minute timer went off  I just started another. The pot on my last drawing was a bit rushed as the timer had just started going off and I just quickly jotted it down. But it's there. So I am happy. 

My 14 day challenge - image 19 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 20 - student projectI knew day 4 would be challenging. I picked this old light meter. I thought ignoring all the details would be the hard part but it was the long kinky tether that was challenging. I always post my drawings in the order that I make them from left to right. The ebony pencil being the first drawing is the one that looks best proportionally to me. So I feel I didn't not do so well in regards to progress, but that might have also had to do with the medium. I really don't like that I filled in the tether in the second drawing with the brush pen. My favorite part on each drawing was the "Weston Master" lettering. This is surprising to me as I don't usually like doing details like that. 

My 14 day challenge - image 21 - student project
My 14 day challenge - image 22 - student project
On day 3 I got out a bright blue watercolor crayon. I enjoyed drawing with it, I felt a bit rushed as I wanted to have time to apply the water, because that is the fun part. So I feel like I wasn't paying as much attention to the actual drawing as I should have. My hand was a bit shaky with the brush pen. Too much coffee perhaps. It was challenging. I am new to the brush pen, but I think I could love it. The third set of drawings I used a watercolor pencil, it feels much like a regular pencil and was easy to sketch with but for some reason I was pushing down really hard as if I was still drawing with the crayon. I drew three keys in five minutes and left the last minute to apply the water wash. My 14 day challenge - image 23 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 24 - student project
On my second day I drew a plastic camera called a Holga. It looked simple and geometric, but geometric isn't always simple. Haha... a little frustration because it is easier to accept imperfections in a cute bear than in camera. I feel I particularly had issues lining up the camera lens with the body. Up to this point I hadn't completed my list of things that I was committing to. After the challenges that I had with drawing the Holga I decided to make a list, and commit to it. I added two more cameras from my collection to the list.
My 14 day challenge - image 25 - student projectMy 14 day challenge - image 26 - student projectI drew a picture of a crochet bear I made about a decade ago. I didn't use a pattern, he is a bit wonky. My 14 day challenge - image 27 - student project

 My 14 day challenge - image 28 - student project