My 100 Day Project--Mystical Messages from the Doodleverse!

My 100 Day Project--Mystical Messages from the Doodleverse! - student project

I have suddenly discovered thanks to Mimi Chao's Illog class that I too love to doodle, even though I'm not very seasoned at it at all. So meshing this with that class, I came up with my project.

My main goal is to have fun with this and recapture the joy of creating for the hell of it. I'm going to doodle every day and cast myself as a little doodle character, exploring mystical and magical things in nature and beyond. I'm going to incorporate stickers and collage cutouts too to make it more fanciful.

Since I'm on furlough (or as I prefer to call it, Fun-lough), I have plenty of time in my day to do this, but I'm going to keep myself to no longer than 15 minutes a day so I don't burn out. I'm going to post it on my side hustle Instagram (I'm a virtual assistant for creative folks) so I can also build up a good stable of imagery there.


I AM EXCITED!!! Thank you so much Rich, you came along exactly when I needed you most! I'm so inspired by your words and support.