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My 10 words

Here is my first excersise. Strangely, the words I found most difficult to express were the words you'd think would be easier to physically represent in a font... Like "danger", for example. It seems obvious doesn't it? Yet, I spent the best part of two hours picking something to go with this! That seems mental, I know... But I found it a very hard word to relate to!

I like my choice for flirty, as I think there's a kind of fragitily that's expressed here... the thin and slightly wibbly lines married with the bold capitals. So often putting yourself out there romantically can be scary, but you on your best pout, slap on the lipstick and plough on... I like how this font represents that for me.

I love the variety expressed in the chosen font for "beautiful", as in my mind variety and difference is what makes something/someone beautiful. I like the simplicity of the font for the word "simple" and the obvious and outspoken visual created for the word "childlike".  I struggled with the word "sporty", but maybe that's because I am not very sporty!! I only run if there's someone chasing me... Am I right???!

The font chosen for "loud" is generally how I feel if someone next to me is being incredibly loud. One of my eyes might start twitching or something... I thought this font was funny, and hit the nail on the head for me.

I suppose I'm learning that whilst you're chosing your fonts, you're having to almost act out what the word means for you, and discover how you personally would chose to physically describe these words. Also perhaps you're discovering which words cry out to you, and which words you'd rather leave behind and not think about. It's a fun journey and certainly has me thinking about my use of language and how important it is to chose words that you can relate to if you're promoting yourself. 


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