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My 10 Days of Noticing

Today I noticed how good I felt about watching Emily Gould's videos in spite of the fact that I normally hate watching videos, because I always feel I could learn more effectively and faster by reading at my own pace.

And I can.

But then I though about Emily Gould’s advice about slowing down to really notice things. Like taking one step at a time while cooking instead of rushing through it.

That made me realize that maybe video has a purpose. To slow me down and make me think.

The disadvantage of making me think is that my thoughts stray off and I go dum-di-dum lost in thought, missing some of the points in the video. Okay, if it’s not live, it’s not that bad, because I can scroll back and watched what I missed.

Which I often do.

And if a video can make me reflect over the things I learn, maybe it’s not half bad.

Obviously, I also think about what I learn when I read, but it’s in a different way.

Sean Mize claims that people learn better when listening than when reading. I have a problem with his sound, though. He does teleseminars and it always sounds as if he’s on an old landline phone with a bad connection, which means that a lot of his good stuff is lost in statics.

That’s not my favorite type of learning.

I must confess, though, that after I’ve installed that cool timer, Action Enforcer, I’ve become better at watching videos, too. I structure my learning time, and I manage just to relax and get absorbed in the videos.

I have learned quite a lot like that lately, watched more videos than usual.

And the video course by Emily Gould was high on my list for a long time. Only, since they were videos, I procrastinated. Today, thanks to a mail from her with a reminder, and thanks to my structured planning, I watched the course. It was only 30 minutes or so, but it had a great impact on me.

First, the daily writing prompt. The same every day. »Today I noticed...«

Interesting. There is so many thing to notice, and it’s a good habit to get used to notice things, inside you, around you, feelings, impressions.

It reminded me of something I noticed yesterday. They are setting up a scene of a kind in the park, and they’ve surrounded it with fences. Even Nefnef noticed the fences. I wonder what they are planning, oh, now I know. This instant it hit me. May 5th is Yom Hashoah, and so the following day must be Independence Day, if I’m not mistaken. Next Friday, I think. Yom Hazmaut. It’s a very important day for Israel. The new Israel hasn’t existed for long, it must be around 70 years.

But back to videos and audios, I have at least two to listen to soon.


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