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Becky Prinn

Greeting Card Designer



Muted florals

I started my project by looking at different floral motifs and patterns from different cultures.  I really liked the colours and shapes of Morrocan design, so used this as a starting point.



I also really liked the muted colours of these ceramics, and the simple geometric shapes.


These were my initial sketches taking inspiration from my florals and Morrocan tiles:




I drew around all of these in Illustrator, but only ended up using about half in my designs.

My day job is designing Greeting Cards, so I wanted to move out of my confort zone, and design for interiors.  The colour scheme is a lot more muted than my insprational colour scheme, but I think these colours are more calming for a home scheme than my original colours inspiration!

These were my initial patterns:


The third and fourth designs are the hero patterns, and the other four ended up as a bit of a mix between blends and secondary!

I used Elizabeth's mock up for decor, and this is how my product looks in situ:


Thanks Elizabeth for the fab classes, I've enjoyed them all, and used them again for reference afterwards when creating repeats, and I can't remember all the steps!


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