Mustachio Pony - Underwear Delivery Service

I have always wanted to create a retail shop, so I thought I would use this Rails project to give it a try. 

I love the idea of the site Manpacks.com where guys get to have t-shirts, underwear and socks delivered. However, I hate the choices at Manpacks. I want to offer to women that prefer a more masculine look, something they would feel and look good in, and be able to replenish by membership subscription service. So here is Mustachio Pony - express delivery of the highest quality underwear for the masculine of center woman that craves the comfort of a well crafted undergarment. 

The site is not complete but this is as far as I have gotten with this class. My next steps are to work on the HTML to change the look and to add gems for functionality. 

You can check it out so far here:




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