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Must Love Brunch

I chose my hand lettering project as an omage to one of my favorite things in life.. Brunch! The most difficult part in the process so far was deciding which lettering styles to use. I wanted to emphasize the word "Brunch" using a fancy serif style. The more I look at it, the more I realize that the letter "R" is much too wide and sets the "unch" apart. I will probably work on fixing that next.

I played around with the idea of a heart illustration with an arrow/straw going through it with a couple olives, but I wasn't sure if many people would get it. Being the brunch fanatic that I am, I am a huge bloody mary advocate. I wanted to incorporate that along with the aspect of eating. (Hence the utensils at the top and the bloody mary drink at the bottom).

I want the rest of the framing to be a little more ornate. Since brunch is a social gathering dear to my heart, I want to give the finalized look a home-y and welcoming feel.

More to come later!


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