Muspell: First Scene


Goal : Rory is focused on the swordfighting lesson because he wants to become a strong warrior.

Conflict : There is a Muspellian attack in the middle of the lesson.

Disaster : All the other students are slaughtered by the invadors and Hugo wants to save them.

Emotion : Rory fears that his best friend will die by the hands of the unbeatable Muspellians.

Thought : Rory knows that he and his comrades can’t fight them off. The only way to protect Hugo is to surrender.

Decision : Rory decides to surrender with or without his friend’s approval.

Action : Rory stops Hugo from joining the fight, puts down their weapons and is taken prisoner with his friend.

I won't expand the scene here because I write my novel in French and I am far from being good enough in English for literary writing. I apologise for that and for any mistake I could have made.