Muspell Act Two


I tried to only keep the important scenes, but it's hard to explain them without expanding on the why and how, so some scenes might look like they appear out of nowhere. It will be detailed in the novel.



Rory suspects that everyone will try to betray them, Rebels or others, and is willing to let them die if he and Hugo can escape.


- The Rebels are at the Forest’s border, giving Rory and Hugo the choice to leave.

- Hugo talks to Rory about staying with them. Nothing waits for them back home, and here they can be useful.

- Rory accepts if, and only if, Hugo keeps out of fights. He instantly regret this decision, because in this jungle nowhere is safe, but wants his friends to be happy again.



Rory struggles to keep Hugo out of harm, and his already tense relationship with the Rebels gets worse as a figure from the past appears to confront him.


- Rory feels powerless as Hugo wants to do more and more to help the Rebels, such as learning weapon techniques. Hugo convinces Rory to let him do it.

- The army chases the Rebels through the Forest, they try to rally Muspellians but can trust no one.

- Rory feels that the Rebels are completely incompetent and he worries more about Hugo’s safety.

- When trying to gain the support of Muspell’s war enemies, the Rebels are arrested and barely escape, proving Rory that he’s right to mistrust people.

- Hugo gets closer to the Rebels, especially one of them, making Rory paranoid.

- Rory’s step-father, who survived in the Forest, appears to confront him again. Rory beats him out of luck but is forced to kill him (his first murder), and the Rebels threaten to ban him if he doesn’t tell them why it happened.

- Rory, who wants to stay with Hugo, reluctantly tells the truth about their relationship.

- Hugo falls in love with a Rebel, Rory is both jealous and confused (he doesn’t understand how love works).

- Hugo’s brother (who bullied him and abandoned him as a child) joins the Rebels, pretending to support them. Rory wants to give him a lesson but Hugo forgives him and lets him come.

- Hugo’s brother is revealed to be on the Muspellian Empire’s side and is banished, Rory finds him and kills him. Hugo knows and is mad at Rory.

- Hugo’s brother told the Emperor where to find the Rebels, the army attacks them by surprise.

- The Rebels are no match for the army and retreat. Hugo is killed during the fight.



It’s a little special here because Rory’s epiphany happens at the very end of the novel, during the climax. For now, Rory fails to realise what he needs to change, he actually become worse than before.

When the Rebels are beaten by the army and Hugo is killed, Rory decides to leave the Rebels and to get his revenge alone.


- The Rebels find a safe place to heal their wounds.

- They give Hugo a proper funeral.

- Rory leaves during the night, decided to kill the Emperor and everyone who gets in his way. Hugo’s lover leaves the Rebels as well, devastated, going back to his family.