Muspell Act Three



Rory finds his way to the Empire’s headquarters by fighting every member of the army who crosses his path, and wins most of his fights.

- Rory travels through the Forest and doesn’t avoid fights, he wants to kill every enemy.

- He questions the soldiers that he beat about the way to the headquarters.

- He is followed by the army’s commander, who was sent by the Emperor to specifically kill Rory the troublemaker.

- Rory confronts the commander, who is much stronger than him and defeats him.

- The commander asks him why he fights with the Rebels instead of living a peaceful life. Rory explodes and says that Hugo never asked for any of this and was thrown into this chaos, until he died. The commander, feeling guilty, lets him go.

- Rory heads to his final fight.



Rory confronts the Emperor, while the Rebels attack the headquarters, but he is losing the fight until a friend shows up.

Rory fights his way to the Emperor, who’s waiting for him. Rory, furious, struggles to focus on the fight and the Emperor takes advantage of that.

- The Emperor hits Rory’s arm and sends him to the ground. He is about to kill him when Hugo’s lover comes back to get his own revenge.

- Hugo’s lover plays on an even field with the Emperor and manages to distract him while Rory bandages his wounds

- The Emperor takes the advantage on the Rebel and almost kills him when Rory comes back to stab him.

- Hugo’s lover dies from his deep wounds, making Rory feel sad for someone else than his best friend.

The lover doesn't appear out of nowhere, we follow his evolution as well, and his guilt for abandoning the Rebels.



Rory joins the Rebels for good, the battle is over but not the war.

- Rory brings his ally’s body back to the Rebels, who have taken control of the headquarters.

- The Rebels do a ceremony for the fallen hero and Rory insists on his role in the Emperor’s death.

- The Rebels negociate a peace treaty with the other kingdoms that the Empire attacked, while the Muspellian society takes a different turn.

- Rory takes fighting lessons from the redeemed commander.