Muspell Act One


I'm French, I apologize for any mistakes.




Rory’s convent is attacked by the kingdom’s enemies and Rory and his best friend Hugo are taken as prisoners.


- Rory and Hugo follow a swordfighting lesson at the convent when they learn that the Muspellians, who came to sign a peace treaty, are sacking the city.

- Muspellian soldiers enter the convent and fight the knights in training, slaughtering them.

- Hugo wants to fight them but Rory threatens to kill him if he tries.

- Rory and Hugo surrender and are taken to the Forest of Muspell.




Rory and Hugo live in a convent, they have no family and Rory is very protective towards Hugo.


- During the swordfighting lesson, Rory is shown to be one of the most talented, and Hugo is not.

- Hugo has a strong sense of justice and morality, he can’t step aside when his comrades are murdered.

- Rory isn’t proud or impulsive enough to fight a stronger enemy but would rather surrender to stay alive.

- Rory is harsh on Hugo but does it to protect him (when he threatens him).




Rory and Hugo are freed by the Rebels but Hugo wants to join them, so Rory has to stay in order to protect him.


- A group of Muspellians, called the Rebels, attack the soldiers and release the prisoners.

- Rory knows that the Forest is huge and dangerous, so his better option to get out of there is to follow the Rebels.

- Hugo asks many questions about the Rebels and what they do, he befriends one of them.

- The Rebels take the prisoners back to the border but Hugo tells Rory that he wants to stay and help them.

- Rory accepts against his will, afraid that Hugo would be in danger with these strangers, and stays only to protect him.

- The whole group returns to the Forest.