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Musings from the Baltic

Hello all,

I am looking forward to progressing with this class and getting your feedback.

Genre: historical fiction, set in Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin - 1866


Protagonist: Friedrich Wilhelm (F.W.) von Metelsdorf
"Side-kick": Martin Bärtschi

These figures have a relationship a bit like Don Quijote and Sancho Panza or Wooster and Jeeves.

F.W. is the naive and idealistic aristocrat who is accompanied by his skeptical and cynical Swiss bodyguard, Martin. I don't know exactly what story I will give them yet, but in it F.W. will probably get himself unnecessarily into trouble and Martin will stand by, not really helping, but ensuring that F.W. doesn't actually come into real danger.

*Note: I don't quite like Martin's attitude in the illustration - he should look more indifferent and less judgemental.

Antagonist: Julian Augustus von Steinhausen

Julian is a rather strict, serious and haughty officer. He is more F.W.'s opposite than a truly villainous character. They are always looking for a fight.

Story: I have revised one of Ario's scripts and made into more of a comedy. I have a draft, but there are definitely a few things I would like to change in terms of layout/direction:

Thanks for looking!


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