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Musician Portraits

It's been a long time since I've drawn anything.  I used to sketch and draw cartoons as a kid, but I have no formal visual art training.  I'm a professional musician, and I find the concentration I spend on making art and music to be similarly therapeutic, so I decided to invest a little effort in gaining some sketch technique.

I plan to begin with a series of study sketches, after which I'll decide on a full portrait subject.  (In my search for narrow study subjects, I hope to find a really good reference.  I printed a photo of a young Chet Baker, but I'm not sure I'm enamored with it.)

Here is my first study sketch (David Bowie's left eye on some lovely, crappy white printer paper).  My reference is here.

Here's my first ear!  I used a sketch pad for this one.  Reference photo here.

Finally, a reference I'm going to use for my project!  (Bowie, because reasons.)

Here's one more study sketch.  I found this great reference, and here's how it worked out.  I'm not entirely thrilled with the proportions (though I worked with this reference directly from my screen; I didn't have a working printer at my disposal, and I'm sure that things would have been easier with a side-by-side paper copy).  I also shaded too darkly at the beginning, and wound up picking up some color with a kneaded eraser.  I don't really like the texture it left behind.


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