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Musicfest Tees - Your #1 source for electronic music wear

Name: Rolando Aleman Jr.

Location: Miami, FL

Slogan: Your #1 source for electronic music wear




Logo In-use:

My Collection (colors vary):

+Image of branded "Car" extra credit deliverable.

About the brand:

Hello Everyone,
My name is Rolando Aleman and I'm the owner of Musicfest Tees. I've been in love with design every since I can remember. Some where along those lines I picked up the hobby of collecting tees that caught my eye. My passion for bad-ass tees grew and grew until final I got the impulse to start designing my own tees. With my advertising background I started to research the t-shirt market. I kept debating what market I should focus on, whether it would be urban, surfer or high fashion since thats what interested me. So I started experimenting with a couple of ideas.

After designing a couple tees, I wasn't convinced in the direction the I was going and had no clue on how to fund my project. So a couple years pass by and month after month I keep expressing to my friends my passion for tees and how much it meant to me to own a successful brand. So after awhile my boys got tired of hearing me and simple told me to put up or shut up! If you probably thinking I have bad friends your wrong. It was exactly what I needed. I broke out the old notes and sketches and started to plan my attack. In the past, I had create and sponsored a brand (SpeedBallDemons - logo above) that failed majorly. We printed 3,200 tees mixed color and sizes and only sold 90 tees. The story goes on but just saying, I learn from my experiences. So I knew I didn't want to repeat my mistake. I started to plan out a way were I can control the cost of my tees in printing. I looked at traditional screen printers, high minimum for one color of print and timing depended on there schedule plus cost was high. So I also looked at maybe buying my own equipment since I knew the printing process very well and maybe could even turn it into a business but the cost was high, very high. So I came across whats called Viynl Printing, I had seen it on tees before and loved the material. So I looked into this and priced it out. It was reasonable. So I saved for a year and bought a Roland GX-24, Viynl, Heat Press w/stand and a drafting glass work station. At last I could print and control not only my designs but colors as well. Awesome!

During that year of saving I had the idea to design some tees that I would rock, espiecally when attending EDM parties which are big in Miami. Throughout the years electronic music has been a big part of my life. So I made one tee, then two. Before I knew it I had a collection (shown above). I still didn't have my equipment so I started to putting my effort in everything else that I might need inorder to give my company a professional look. At this point my brand was still called State-of-the-art. So during my search for other cool EDM clothing I found that there was really no 1 place to buy or see this type of clothing. So that's were Musicfest Tees was born. The idea of MusicfestTees is to be a ble to house all EDM clothing under 1 dot com like urban clothing (, karmaloop etc.). More coming soon!


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