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Musical Notation

I understood the technical details of the lesson, but was challenged to come up with an idea for a collage. In my head, I wanted to do something ambitious (a boom box was my original idea).  Unfortunately, I had a lot of problems today with my Internet connection.  I was low on time and hopped up on sugar from a cupcake I probably ate way too late.

So, I thought about *why* I wanted to make a boom box.  Easy answer: I love music.  I have loved music ever since I was really little, when I used to bang on my mother's pots and pans, to today, as I play percussion for a local community band.  I began to think - what other shapes represent music besides a boom box, instruments, etc?  I looked at my iPhone and it hit me: the buttons we use to record a song, play a song back, pause what we're listening to and stop a song altogether.  So, here is my project that I call "Musical Composition".


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