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Musical Illustration: Creating CD Single Art for Fun

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I've been working on this for a while now, but honestly am going to get it published eventually! It's been through a few changes, but here's how it stands at the moment:

Class Title:


'Musical Illustration: Creating CD Single Art for Fun'


'Musical Illustration: Creating Album and Single Art for Fun'

haven't quite decided yet - I originally planned to go with album and single art, but now I'm thinking that might be too much for one class, and maybe I should start with single art and then go on to album art in another class.

Inspiration behind the class:

I'm an illustrator, and I love making art for CD covers and tracks, because it gives me a chance to really listen to the music and turn it into something visual. It's lots of fun, and on a long enough timeline there's always the vague chance that you might actually get hired for a project that pays :)

Class Description:

Explore how illustrator Candy Medusa is inspired by music to create beautiful artwork for albums and singles, representing the character and feel of the music as visual art.

In this twenty minute class, you’ll learn Candy’s step-by-step process for transforming music that you love from sound to imagery, creating an illustration that shows the world what the piece of music means to you.

No prior knowledge or experience is required, just a love of art and music. Join me, it’ll be fun :)

Project Title:

'Create a CD cover for your favourite band'

Project Description


Create CD artwork for a single track that inspires you, by listening to the music (and lyrics, of any) and transforming the character of the music into an illustration that represents your interpretation of the piece.

This assignment will teach you how to take feeling, tone and meaning that you infer from a piece of music, and turn it, step by step, into a visual representation – a piece of artwork that you can share to show others your insight into the music.

You’ll take a look at where to start, how to choose your album or track, first impressions, through sketching and fundamental design decisions, to the finished piece. Candy will show you some of her own CD art and talk you through the creative process involved in creating it, then create artwork for a new track right alongside you so you can see how it’s done.

You can use any medium you like, so all you need to hand is your art implement of choice and some music. You’ll also need some way to get your images onto the project page, but that can be by uploading a photo of your work you’ve taken with your phone if you’re not working digitally and don’t have a scanner.


Share your progress through the project to your finished artwork. A completed project may include:

  • Your choice of track and why
  • Initial thoughts and sketches
  • Ideas for layout and colour
  • Finsihed artwork

Video Lessons:

This is the plan for if the prject involves a choice of single or album art. If I go with CD single art only, the references to album art will come out.

** my intro video is now live at **






You can see it here:

This intro was made based on the class looking at album art as well as single art. It's going to need an edit if I go with concentrating on single art...


** intro video now live at **

All feedback welcome:)


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