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Musical Doodles

I made this Zine based on an Illustration project I made up: "Musical Doodles". Here is how it goes: you pick a song you like and try to put it on the paper, expressing the mood, the beat, the words, something it means to you...

When I took this class, this two projects seemed to be perfect for each other!!! So I started making this collection. It was not as smooth as I thought it would be, and some of the illustrations are deep and very connected to the songs, while others... just aren't ;) Anyways, I'm proud of my first Zine, and am looking forward to making more!!!

In the first page I wrote an intro to the project, and in the last one I put the link to the playlist on Spotify, so one can read it while listening to the songs that inspired it!!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my Zine! Would also appreciate comments and critique, anything that will help me improve my work :)




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