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Musical Cloning

I thought the lesson made plenty of sense and I suppose what stood out for me most was the strategy of redefining the why. I think it's easy to assume that the band's first priority is (or should be) financial, it would seem to be the logical choice. However, I've known plenty of musicians and people in general who were anything but logical.

I think the first step as manager would be determining the band's largest priority. If it's the fans, then maybe they're more interested in cultivating a loyal fan base first and letting the money follow that. If that's the case then a potential solution would be to determine which festival their fans were most likely to attend and choosing that one. If the priority is growing the fan base, then perhaps it makes more sense to travel to an entirely new market. Then again the priority for a new band might be to avoid upsetting promoters and potentially burning important bridges early in their career, then it might make sense to be at both in some way.

If it makes sense to be two places at once, then they could work on the following solutions:

1. Livestreaming their performance to one or both sites. I went to Bonnaroo this year and I think there would be an opportunity to do something like this. People are fairly forgiving when they've been up for 3 days, just basquing in the music. It might not be perceived as backing out by the fans that way. Most of the time I was just watching the performance on the screen anyway.

2. I think splitting the band up could also be an idea. I went to a show a while back where the performer used some sort of recording device to loop parts into his songs. He added in harmonies and various insturments; it created a really full sound though he was playing solo. Perhaps the band could record various parts ahead of time and then loop them into the songs, so the fans can get a clearer sense of the total experience.


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