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Jayce Van Der Linden

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Music for the Ears

  • March 18 - I am currently in the brainstorming conceptualization part of the shoot, sketching ideas onto paper. I was able to decide what i am taking photos of, and some ideas for shooting them in the studio. In the photo you can see that i am planning on taking photos of some headphones. 
  • March 19 - went to the craft store to buy some paper, ended up with a roll of paper (2ft by 75ft). As well as a sketch pad with paper at 18in by 24in. I am going to test to see what paper is better for shooting on, or if it actually matters what paper is used. (for some reason this photo comes up upside down).
  • March 20 - Today i sey up my mini studio in my basement and took some photos. i will be shareing the photos i took in the next coming days.


Here are my product photos, feel free to tear them apart.

This was a fun class to take, thanks Kim for putting this on, and the time and effort you put into this class.

I just need to take the enviroment photos part 2 of the assignment.


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