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Music Room

This is the before of the space I styled for both my cocktail table (ottoman) and the sofa (chair) assignments.  

What do you think?  Too much? Here's the deal and excuses...This is working with what I have and I likely will change out a few things. I plan to put a shelf on the wall space that's empty or even hang some fringe or something.  I think in the end I will recover this chair and ottoman and/or get another fabric less drab and everything will be drivven by the rug I start with BUT BUT I think this is a huge improvement. Loved this class and have told everyone it's the best $20 I have ever spent!  Thanks Justina.   Now, I need to purchase things...pillows, baubles, botanicals that won't make a permanent stain when my cat throw's them up or won't kill him. I bought the planter at Little Paris Antiques today - in LA.  

I'm going to try this coffee table and then go back to music room to take pieces of that flat canvas and style it as we go. This is how I found my living room coffee table. 

Awe Pepper! She can dress up anything. It took five shots to get the you're-sure-we're-okay-with-this-dog on-the-furniture-bit look out of her eyes.  Thanks Justina.  I love it!

Back to dull music room.  Keep in mind, bright fabric is coming for chair.  I thought to use the ottoman as a coffee table. Any thoughts people?

I'm The needs in this space to me are simply focal point in a room.  I love how the faux fireplace adds something so wrong and right to the room. There's a wink to it, with the french bulldog as the exclamation point.In the "mezzanine" level, of our 1931 Spanish home in LA, is what was called a music room.  Just 10 x 12 feet, it overlooks the living room and opens to the back area.  Musicians used to play from this level during parties (btw the house used to be considered the country escape for Hollywood playfuls and we believe served as a speakeasy during prohibition) so that music could be heard through the house and out to the back yard. 

Today, although our piano guitars reside in the room, it's mostly a landing where three staircases meet.  I'd like to make this area sing. It should welcome, but not block, the passerby and also be a destination in its own right. 

Anyone like these rugs for the space?  The top rug is 8x6, bottom 7 x 5. 


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