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Music Genres and Emotions

Music Genres and Emotions

With this project a tried to represent the emotions that different music genres transmit to people. The main idea I want to capture here is how colors give specific character to an image and help  streghten face expresions that could be related to music genres.

The music genres I chose randomly were Industrial Rock, Hip Hop, Salsa and Jazz.

With this defined, I proceded to prepare my mindmap exercise. Here is a simplified (neater) version of it:

Based on those ideas I started looking for various visual references and extracted the color palettes I wanted to use and tried to absorb the emotions I thought represented best each one of the music genres i picked.

Here are my visual references and color palettes:

Once done that, I took lots of selfies reproducing the feelings that inspired me each genre. (Those selfies are not worth of publication, so I will omit posting them here... :p). Based on the light and shadow patterns on these pictures I added the color palettes chosen.

The result is the following:

Industrial Rock: Despair/Resentment. I used black, gray and different shades of green that looked artificial as nuclear waste or computer lights.

 Hip Hop: Pride.The palette is based on graffittis and street art pieces. All the colors used are phosphorescent to call people´s attention.

Salsa: Joy/Happiness. The palette emulates hot pepper color and transmit a sense of party and warm weather. 

Jazz: Intelectuality/Creativity. Purple is a good color to transmit this aptitudes. I tried to incorporate some of the colors present in New Orlean´s atmospheres depicted in pictures.

And this is it!

I appreciatte very much your comments and critics! Thanks!


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