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Music Artistry Channel - Fall Channel Challenge - student project

FALL TEACH CHALLENGE - My 3 Class Publishing Plan

Hey guys/ya'll, (I'm a yankee import into the southern world! haha)

I just finished publishing the rest of my fall classes. I realized there was way too much content for the "Become a Paid Music Artist" class, so I broke it down into 3 different classes that cover different concepts.  I'd love to hear feedback on these classes, including the marketing aspect (images/titles).  I'd also love it if you had any other related ideas of classes I could teach in the future. The only other idea I had was teaching guitar skills... but there seems to be a lot of those classes out there already.

Channel Classes:



Class title: "Write Song Lyrics that Inspire Change"

I'm excited to get started on Skillshare!  I'd love to hear your feedback on this. 

Class Description: Is there something you want the world to understand?  Forget social media rants!  MUSIC is the language of the soul, communicating in ways that touch hearts and mold perspectives. I've been an inspirational songwriter for almost 15 years, developing my craft and learning from some of the best.  I've seen first hand how songs can move a person to tears, to hope, to compassion, to understanding something from a new perspective, and to a life change. In this class, I will teach you how to take an idea you're passionate about, and turn it into song lyrics that have the potential to inspire the change you wish to see in the world.

Class Project: By the end of this course, you will write a first draft of inspirational song lyrics, regarding a topic you care deeply about.  As a guideline, this lyric should include 2 verses, a chorus, and a bridge.  You may also include a pre-chorus if it helps connect the concepts.  Upload your lyrics for critique from your fellow classmates and me.  You can also upload your edited version for feedback.  Share your lyrics on your favorite social media site.  If you are, or know, an instrumentalist, feel free to put it to music and upload or post a link to a video or song!

Link to my Class Outline

Link to my Introduction video

My Published Class!

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