Muse: Vintage Art Nouveau Style

So, already getting off to a slow start.  So what I am invisioning is a modern take on art nouveau.   I have always been obsessed by the style, its elegance and beauty.  Which makes me want to do a rock poster for Muse.  I feel their music evokes a certain emotion that is easily relatable in the beauty of a woman.  I am invisioning the size of the art 18 x 24 with metallics and a hidden glow layer, that will be explained later.  The overall feel is going to be on the more neutral color scheme, maybe some warm colors.  Below are some examples of where I am taking my inspiration from.  Like I said I find the beauty of the women represent the elegance of the Album "The 2nd Law"  I originally thought of doing my poster at 12 x 36, but felt the standard size works better for framing a figure and laying in the type.


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