Musana Jewelry

Musana Jewelry - student project

1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

I want people to associate effective economic empowerment and education through fun and funky design with Musana. Supporting development is of primary importance, but wearable and creative design is a very close second. Customers choose to shop with Musana in large part because of the social mission, but they enjoy the product enough to shop with us even if we weren’t a social enterprise.


2. The people who love your brand most care about:

-       women’s empowerment

-       beautiful and handcrafted accessories

-       feeling like their consumerism contributes to something bigger


3. Your brand is NOT:

-       fast fashion; trendy and produced cheaply

-       high fashion or luxury

-       exclusive


4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

Economic empowerment through design that creates global connections between female producers with female consumers.