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Murray Lewis Coach

I have started a professional coaching business to help individuals excel and meet their performance, learning and fulfillment goals.  I have a passion for helping people lead happier, high performing lives.  I have recently completed an educational program to prepare me to pass the International coach federation accreditation exam.  A big part of having a successful coaching practice is marketing your practice so getting focused around this and being persistent and consistent will be important in my success.

  • What is Marketing for?
    • For telling the story about what value my coaching can bring to them
  • What are we allowed to touch?
    • I am allowed to touch everything as I am a solopreneur
  • What can we as marketers measure?
    • I can measure the effectiveness of certain marketing practices in bringing  in new clients.
    • I can measure customer satisfaction levels
  • What can we change?
    • I can change just about anything internally as I am a solopreneur
    • I can work to change people’s perceptions about the value that coaching  and my coaching in particular can bring
  • What promise are we going to make?
    • That I can help you live a happier, more fulfilling and higher performing life by helping you meet goals in any one of a number of categories
  • What’s the hard part?
    • The hard part is getting customers to take that first step to get a taste of what coaching can do for them.
  • Should your organization be making trends or following trends?
    • If I can think of a trend to make then I will start it but given my low level of experience in the coaching industry I will start by following the latest trends.
  • Where is the risk?
    • To me: In not delivering the value as advertised
    • To the customer:  In wasting time and energy and money going down the coaching path as a solution to their challenges
  • Who is in charge?
    • I’m in charge!
  • Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?
    • Right now I am not spending any money but I imagine spending some money on making my website and other social media effective and efficient in generating leads for my coaching business
  • How should we be spending our time?
    • Making sure that I understand my customers and their pain points
    • Making sure that I am able to articulate the value that I bring to customers
    • Being clear that I understand the strategies that make the most sense given the SWOT and the key issues
    • Implementing tactics consistent with those strategies and not implementing tactics that are not


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