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Michael Murphy

One Man Band. Podcaster. Helper.



Murphy's Hub

Updated idea 4/25/13:

Did a 180 to test the waters with my logo.  My only vehicle is a Vespa and I work at client's homes, so the logo makes sense locally.  Not sure if it makes sense for my web presence.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Simpler, cleaner version:

Too busy?


Murphy's Hub is the name of my freelance business that I am starting on the side of my full-time job as a photography studio manager.  I love helping people fix their iPhones, iPads, Macs, iTunes, iPhoto, but it is time I start charging for my time as I am getting very busy on the weekends and nights 'volunteering' as a personal digital concierge.  Therefore, I have decided to brand myself and I am launching a companion website broken down into three main services:

1. Concierge (consulting), Education (tips & tricks) .  This is the part where I personally help people figure things out and educate people to get the most enjoyment out of their iDevices, etc.

2. Design.  I am very proficient in Photoshop (learning Illustrator) and I want to offer pixel design services: album design, greeting cards, flyers, business cards, layouts, etc. 

3. Web Design.  Ramping up on my web design skills and this will be the last part of the puzzle.

I love typography and vintage, simple old signs, etc.  My business is technology, but I want to create a logo that is true to my design style and personal taste.  I like simple and clean, but love subtle, clever design elements. I want to create a logo that mixes the vintage style of this course, but somehow make it apparent that my business is helping people.  

I have attached several concepts of logos, but I am stuck.  I would love some feedback or suggestions.  I have been using fonts from Lost Type Co-Op (Geared, Edmund Sands, Wisdom, Mission, etc).  My Illustrator skills are getting better (thanks to this course &, but I am determined to create a final logo mark that I am happy with.  Looking forward to any help.  Thanks.


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