Jer Garcia




'Murica! The Pennet

Well, I'm cutting it close for this contest thingy, but I still have some edits I want to do on the textures, so I'm going to just post some of my thought process and inspiration and what not.


First off, this would have to be my favorite from Oxford. There were alot of sweet designed pennets on there site, which made it hard to choose.

To be honest, I never thought about using custom pennets as merch. It's not really something that is done around where I live. I've been curatting some of my work to open a small online store, and now pennets will definitely be something I want to include.

I have alot of pride about being from STG, but I know if I want to be a contender in this contest or  ever resale the pennets, I couldn't make a pennet on small town southern Utah. I'm also proud of being from AMERICA! LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE!! So, why not commemorate the blessing of being born under the eagles wing of freedom by designing an American Pennet?

Here are my sketches, dude.



Here is the update:

Here's the finished design with texture. Let me know what you think, thanks!





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