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Murder Among Friends


I really want to pull my hair out. It feels like each iteration is making me enjoy the phrase even less...

I liked Catherine's suggestion of ornate script for Friends and pointy for Murder. After I implemented my version of it, I realized part of what is driving me nuts is that my words are almost equal weight.

So even though I'm changing the font, they still feel really similar, because a normal shaped wineglass constricts the 6 and 7 letter words to a nearly equal size.


This is the main design for a venture my friend and I are starting. We are doing murder mystery dinners, so I want something that reflects the friendship and the murder. I did the word exercise but struggled a bit, I found a lot of ideas for murder (knives, snakes, poison, noose) but for friendship all I could think of was wine.

Some of the inspiration I found...

Here are my layout attempts...

#1 - This felt too grave themed, although I like having a tombstone.

#2 - This was another attempt, it felt a little boring despite the snake and murder weapon letters. The layout is not really taking advantage of the phrase.

#3 - This one was better, the wine was friendly and I like the poison bottle... but the lettering is pretty weak. 

Now I'm trying to work on #3 more, but having a harder time fitting it into a properly shaped wine glass (it's taller and narrower so my words look weird). 

Any ideas on lettering style or how to improve the layout?


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