Mura's Notebook Scene Mockup

Mura's Notebook Scene Mockup - student project


Look around your room studio or home for objects you can use for your mockup.

Things like pencils, notebook, mugs, books, mugs, clothes, stickers, pins etc.



Took a picture with my sony a7, Using your PHONE is just fine!

- Get directly above the objects so it's easier to edit and looks better in perspective.


Mura's Notebook Scene Mockup - image 1 - student project

You can add minor adjustments, Iike to use 3 basic adjustments.

- Color balance

- levels

- contrast and brightness.


Mura's Notebook Scene Mockup - image 2 - student project


Add your logo I like to copy and paste it from illustrator directly if you don't have the vector version  use a transparent png and drag it into photoshop

Mura's Notebook Scene Mockup - image 3 - student project


Set blending mode to multiply I like to make it 90% opacity this helps blend the layer.

If you want to go even further you can use the edit > warp and paint custom highlights as shown in the class.

Mura's Notebook Scene Mockup - image 4 - student project



To export your mockup in high quality do save for web as shown below.

- File > save as > save for web

You'll get this window that pops up you can use my settings to get good results while keeping the file small enough.

You want it as a JPEG
At least 80 quality and the pixel ratio keep it at least 1500px.


Mura's Notebook Scene Mockup - image 5 - student project



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