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Mum's House


I think this is my second animation so still a lot to learn, like how to animate a block shape in pieces like Jake did on his roof, could have looked good for my brick base.
All in all I'm happy with it, I used a variety of reveal techniques including Scale, Position and Masking.
So much of it is in the timing!

Thanks Jake.



Sugar cane, tea tree, and cows. 

In 1986 thats about all there was to see on my mum's farm in Northern NSW.

Having left Sydney she bought the farm for a small sum with the plan of raising her two boys solo.

29 years later it is a wonder to see the home she made out of it, and the boys who became men under it's vaulted ceilings.

Here's to mum.



Okay so here's the illustration, was a bit of a challenge figuring out the angles as the picture was skewed. I think It's a little complex, but I'll give it a go. Fingers crossed.




Had to upload 2 pics as I have soo many layers in my project. Hope I haven't bitten off too much! :)


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