Mum with a camera

Mum with a camera - student project

My theme has always been family, focussing on life with my son, and now that my daughter is here; life with two kids under two. However I also do product photography for a lot of small businesses, mostly ones that are mums working from home with their kids. I want my feed to inspire other women and mums to pursue their passions and have success in business. My Instagram feed is also kind of like my portfolio for my virtual assistant business, letting my clients know who I am, what I'm passionate about and showcasing my skills.


This class has been really helpful in making me think about my brand. I've realised that I need to be more consistent with my colour scheme and lighting. I really love the look of my account from about a month ago, which is the photo below. I have been using the same lightroom preset for a few months, but specifically like the way it looks with these set of photos and their colours. Moving forward I'm going to focus on these tones (pale blue, moss green, peach and pastel pink), making sure that at least two or three appear in each shot and other colours are less prominent. I also realised that the inconsistency that I wasn't liking in my more recent photos was coming from the shots taken in harsher lighting. Because we were in hospital having a baby, a few photos were taken under the more yellow hospital lights and had a lot more contrast than the others. Even though these photos are so precious to me and I don't regret sharing them, I now know what was causing me to not like the direction my feed was going. 


I've also made some changes to my bio making it clearer what my account is all about, but I still want to brainstorm this a bit more and show my personality even more.


I'd love some feedback if anyone has the time. My account is

Mum with a camera - image 1 - student projectMum with a camera - image 2 - student project