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I initially was planning on teaching on Udemy when I found Skillshare. I came here with cooking classes in mind, and knew I wanted to do a series before I knew that was the "thing"! The initial series I wanted to create was "The ABCs of Cooking", but I ended up coming up with MANY more ideas when outlining the first classes under that umbrella (which now number close to 100).

I ended up starting with another series altogether with my Create Your Own Epic Potato Salad course, which is the first of the "Cooking Basics" series, and will focus on go-to recipes every cook should have in their arsenal (like your steak course, I mean - EVERYONE should know how to cook a good steak!)

The 2nd class ended up starting another series for "Weird Recipes", as I was making Pepsi Chicken for dinner one night and had a light bulb moment.

Then, as I was gathering images for a different course I realized that some people might not know more than a couple of the more well-known places to get high-quality stock images for free - so that started a "Making & Saving Money" series!

I literally have HUNDREDS of ideas for classes within these series, plus I want to do a "Holiday Cooking" series and a "Dinners for 2: Delicious Meals Under $5" series...soooooooooo many ideas lol

Right now, I am working on a class about how to eat for free, or close to free at restaurants; 5 Unconventional Ways to Market Your Skillshare Class, and a class about organization for Skillshare teachers. ***UPDATE: the marketing class has turned into a "Covert Marketing Techniques" series, and the first one is available now ;)

Busy, busy - but loving every minute of it. I really do absolutely LOVE this platform and community! I am SO happy I decided on teaching here before Udemy. Had I went that route, I would still be working on my first course. Here, I have 3 completed and will have 4 or 5 before my first month is up, already have followers, and will have something to show for it. I am so excited being on the first leg of what should be an amazing journey!


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