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Mulled Wine

I am probably really behind posting this.....

Watching this class from Ms. Cyd, opening my eyes to what I have been missing. The storybook idea is a fresh perspective towards food photography (any really). Since watching these classes, I have pinned and organized my Pinterest, cut up all my food magazine subscriptions and checked out many cookbooks containing great photos capturing amazing food. This is the first project I worked on since the class. There is a lot left for me to figure out on the drawing out part on the story book-however the horrible drawing will probaby be the last on the list to improve. 

I wanted to capture the reason why people want mulled wine. For me it is to because I am cold and I want to warm up. It is usual winter and I generally make it myself. Living in the SE of Lousisana I no longer feel the need of it but the memories are still there. I situated the shot near my kitchen window. I used black board that was recommended by Leela. I would love feedback from all you if you feel up to it. 

Thanks! and nice to meet you all. 





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