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Mud Festival - South Korea

This photo was taken at MudFest 2013 in South Korea.

I wanted the editing to reflect the fun & colorful summer energy from that day. I also wanted to track the journey the photo made through each chapter so I saved the different copies here.  


The Original Photo: 

Lesson 2. Prepping your Image

Lesson 4. The Basics: Brightness, Contrast, Highlights/Shadows, Levels, Saturation and Temperature/White Balance

Lesson 5. Advanced Tools: Clone Stamp, Sharpening, Gradients and Working With Layers

Lesson 6. Creative Tools: Dodge/Burn and Blur

Lesson 7. Color: Black and White, Cross Processing, and Color Toning

(This lesson was so much fun! Here are 2 different versions of the photo.)

Lesson 8. Fixing Problematic Photos

(The original project and my "fixed" version!)


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