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Much Learned, Much Appreciated, I'm Complete...

Well I finished to the best of my ability. Wow this was a fast two week time frame to finish all of these areas. i have come to the conclusion that I will now need some time to gather the perfect pieces to finish everything. But what I have learned over the course will traslate into many observations for the future.

Thanks, Justina!

Here is my favorite before and after to date. i will still attemot the completion of my bed before time runs out but I just wanted to get this in the class. I am so happy  took this class. The information is amazing and my house fells so much more a home after these projects. I finished the console assignment with the week coming quickly to a close I really wanted to get everything done before Friday. I still need to finish the bedroom and the sofa.. Before this assignment I was using this console as a catch all. Now with the help of the principals I was able to create a peaceful spot for some happy pieces from my collection. with Spring in the air I intend to keep fresh flowers here for the color and energy. fin

I finally had some time to do the Coffee table assignment. I really didn't have a true table before so I am using this side table for the time being. I have Titled this the Sun, The Moon and the Stars. I also, was able to place the book I co-authored on the History of my home town Hermosa Beach, California. Something I didn't consider before this assignment. I think I will look for a rectangular table for the future.

I found the Scrabble letters at a local antique market and the globe at World Market. The piece will become permanent now that I have put them together. Peace on Earth.

Here is the final of my new bookcase. Attempting to keep up with the class during a very busy week. Everyone has such inspiring homes I really appreciate the work and knowing we are all in this together is reassuring. Leave any messages or ideas for me I would love the input.This is my bookcase before. Seems I am learning the principals. At least I am enjoying the process and having fun seeing how easy it is to put my favorite things together to show. I'm thinking I need to edit again but wanted to have this project turned in on time.file://localhost/Users/chrismiller/Desktop/sofa%201.jpgI am a busy writer/photographer I don't have alot of time but I want to have my home picture perfect if possible. I would like to create an environment that reflects my life. Full of the wonderful objects tastefully filling my home. But I am a long way from there at this time. I have a lot of objects I love but don't know how to display them so it doesn't look cluttered. 

I am also looking for clever ideas for books. I really don't know what to do with them.


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