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Muay Thai Trainer

Brand Description

Lumpinee Gym is a sport club the participants of which learn a martial art called muay thai, or thai boxing. The gym provides a professional and adequate environment for this purpose, so that customers can learn muay thai for fitness and\or self-defense, training in groups or 1 on 1 with the trainer.

Understanding my role

11 Questions

What is Marketing for?

It's for people to be aware of me as a coach of the martial art of Muay Thai. To create a true and honest public image of myself as a young and talented trainer with a lot of experience and passion for the profession. An image that would attract clients interested learning martial arts and muay thai for the purpose of self defense and fitness.

Also, marketing is to create a constant stream of people coming to take a free trial class and thus enlarge the existing training groups.

What can I touch?

Advertising, marketing, networking, organizing.

What can I measure?

The number of hits on the Facebook business page and on Youtube. How many times a week for how long should I give out flyers and in how many schools to see a client coming over? Same with posters. How many clients, out of those who take trial lessons, actually sign up and pay the monthly fee? How many people come every month to take a trial class and for what reason?

What can I change?

My clients' day, so that they come and invest 2 hours in training muay thai a few times a week.

What promises am I making?

To the boss I'm promising to supply new clients. To the clients I promise to teach quality muay thai to improve their self defense abilities, their fitness and sense of security.

What is the hard part?

The hard part is getting new clients. Getting people to come by marketing. Understanding what would make people come.


Follow trends, because it's an easy way to grab attention, because the company is little and niche, and because it's cool.


For me, if I cannot make this work then it'll be a waste of time and money. For the customers, the risk is embarrassment if they're not fit enough to withstand the trial lesson. Also, the fear from getting hit.

In charge?

The head trainer, who is the boss. Me, and my partner.

What is the money for?

Printing out flyers and posters. Promoting on facebook. Upgrading the gym.

What is the most important way to spend my time?

Collect info from the existing goup of trainees and new arrivals that will help me understand what to focus on in marketing so that as many people as possible approach me for private training or for joining the team for themselves or their kid. Right now this means: write and post articles on forums and social media without becoming annoying, edit and post motivational sport and muay thai pictures of me and not of me which will advertise me and the gym, hand out flyers, put posters in schools, ask and write down how new arrivals heared of and got to the gym, improve the gym's site or create a new better one and see how it can be SEO'd in Google, update and improve my FB business page, get awesome posters and paraphernalia to decorate the gym, all branches, hang up punching bags, see if and how I can leverage my existing resources better (for example my self-defense course) maybe using facebook and opening another cycle, speak to school principals in the schools e graduated and ask to make a martial arts demonstration during sports class, perhaps speak to kids studying there to first soften the principals up, and come ready with a nice presentation of the gym and also ready with a great show demonstration for the kids. Create a mail and advertise ourselves as a  team building day to big companies, improve training technique from the internet, create a logo for myself and print a Triner T-Shirt, create and publish online minimalistic illustrations of photos of me from the ring and of muay thai, gt a good photographer to photo me fighting in the ring, promote FB ads to parents of children, become a more attractive trainer by taking good photos from great angles of myself while training and coaching, in trendy sports cloths, get better trainer equipment like a watch and belt, print special t-shirts for kids who fight in the ring to create team culture and fighter pride, try and see what events can organize like bootcamp, BBQ, climbing wall, etc.

Understanding Action Theory Marketing

Old Brands

Kinder Surprise was a favorite, offering you a sweet chocolate egg with a toy inside. Emotion of delight. Always situated near the cashier so you ask your parents to pick it up for you on the way out while waiting in line. 

Nesquick choco drink was always on TV ads. Still drink it. The chocolate bunny of theirs pop into my mind when I think of the brand.

Furby was something everyone had. I remember having fantasies about it that it would be like my good friend, how I would feed it before school. 

New Brands

Schoolism. Online courses for artists. Since they use famous digital artists they give really high prices. It also gives them a name, for being professional. Your work gets critique. You hear about them by folloing the famous artists they feature as teachers in their courses.

Cofix. Offering everything at 1 dollar. The only coffeshop chain to offer prices so low, in an industry dominated by high priced products. They have a distinctive sign, a big black coffee cup ith white letters, put up on streetposts. They're available to everyone since they're so cheap, people ho usually ouldn't go to coffeeshops because of the high prices of everything, like high school students. I feel good about the brand coz they're not overcharging the customer like all of their competition. 

Nakash Boxing Gym. They have a great location by the sea. They advertised by bus, and by throwing a street party with a martial arts demonstration, thus creating a hip and young image. Also conveyed by the name of their place, Dojo TLV.  Ran Nakash Himself, the lead coach, has had bouts abroad and is a known boxer, which gives even more credibility to his club.

Finding the Action Theory

Nike. People who haven't bought yet would envy people who have, as Nike radiates sports lifestyle, healthy & fit, aiming to improve oneself, strength of will. People who are loyal would feel that they're part of a club, of a community of elite, strong-minded people who care about their shape.

They change the customers that they make them consider themselves as people connected to sport culture. They change their activities - for example Nike+, you put a chip in your Nike running shoes which tracks your run's progress by GPS and then posts it on FB.

People find out about them viya stuff like the Nike+ thing appearing on your wall. They organize marathons. 

Israel Today Newspaper. They are given away free by men on the street clad in a full body red jumpsuit, which has become iconic. They create an emotion that tells you other people stay updated and it costs nothing.. why wouldn't you? You have the fear of being left out. You also feel if you take it because it's free, and they advocate that in this day and age news shouldn't be paid for. They change the customers' routine and self image. Say, I take a nespaper on the way to the bus in the morning. Then I read news on the bus. I'm more productive, more staying in touch kind of person now.

Patagonia P's

They Position themselves as a specific audience targeting clothes brand, that is, outdoor sports clothing. That is their niche, as opposed to general casual clothing. On the price scale, they are expensive, arguing for the durability and quality of their product.

In Pricing, their high price is explained by their green worldview of "buy less, get higher quality stuff that holds longer so that we take pressure off the planet".

An example of Promotion is them giving out clothing to famous outdoor sportmen such as climbers, also in the PDF, who can test it out in harsh conditions and record their satisfaction in the video, thus both placing Patagonia in a place fit for their image and promoting it within the circles of their target audience.

For Purple, one can definitely say that all of the things Patagonia is doing to be worthy of it's environment-friendly image makes the company remarkable, wether it's the outdoor trips they sponsor, fixing old clothes so they last longer or giving 10% of their earnings to environmental casues. Another great example is the note-worthy ad they ran during Black Friday in the NY Times. In a day which represents most consumeris culture, their ad both sparkled controversy and gave the company a positive image in line with their agenda - buy responsibly, per your needs.

Publicity is being in the NY Times on Black Friday. PR is writing "Don't buy this jacket" because it resonates with the story they are telling.

Placebo is when a famous climber sais that a jecket is good, you believe it's good. When you read about how they make clothes organically amd how they take care of the environment and of their worldwide workers, you believe in the high quality. 

An example of Pavlov is the look of Patagonia's website - it's very professional-looking, with a lot of white, like snow, and browsing it you can understand you're dealing with a serious brand.

Persistence - the company runs for many years now. They are consistent with the clothes they make - they are sports' oriented.

An example of Place is a surf shop they opened included in the PDF, which shows how they preserved the building with it's history as much as possible, again staying true to their philosophy of preserving the planet.

People Like Us - the above ecample of the Rock climber.


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